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Create A M E M O R A B L E  A T M O S P H E R E with candles that are heaven scent 


The English Rose A symbol of beauty and divine love. Synonymous with the goddess Aphrodite and the affectionate decor of Cleopatra's bloom laden boudoir; the rose is the fragrance of eternal femininity. It is the distinctive redolent cornerstone of the English Country Garden. 


Moroccan Oud A seductive scent richly nuanced with earthy notes & aromatic sweet spices.  This intoxicating fragrance has been kindled amongst royalty and divinity throughout history. 

A perfect match These two fragrances quintessential in perfumerie are opulently paired to invoke a sensual, warm, woody floral scent to fill your home, work space, or event with an exhilarating aroma. 

Exquisite Bougie parfum fragrance oil is sourced from sensorial Morocco. Artisan candles lovingly hand poured by an established chandler in Paris, France.


Consciously created Our candles are vegan and made from 100% natural wax and pure cotton wicks to ensure optimal fragrance distribution. Crafted to encourage a welcoming atmosphere and enhance your interiors. 

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 Pink is  T H E  U N I V E R S A L  colour of love 

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Every colour tells a story. Pink is the universal colour of love. 


Choose from 2 types of paint kits- Magic Paint or Lux Emulsion. 

Magic Paint can be used on almost any surface both interior & exterior without the need for primers, including but not limited to metals, wood, MDF, tiles, UPVC, radiators, plastics, leather, clothing, and more! Our unique formula can be used either in its purest form or watered down to your desired texture for use on walls, ceilings & masonry. Magic Paint is a perfect medium for up-cycling furniture, painting murals and whatever else your heart desires. You will receive 15 colours from our Dream House Collection in our versatile, innovative formula all showcased in a beautiful, collectible storybook box. 


Our creamy luxury emulsion paint is best suited for use on canvas, paper, interior walls & ceilings as well as arts & crafts projects that generally require matte acrylic paints. In our Lux Emulsion kit you will receive 10 pink shades all presented in our classic keepsake reusable paint tin. 




Experiment with all of the paints in the Dream House Collection