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The Barbiecore Collection:  California Dreaming

The Barbiecore Collection: California Dreaming


Introducing the California Dreaming Collection - where Barbiecore meets the vibrant spirit of the Golden State! This stunning range comprises six fabulous shades that will add a touch of dreamy allure to any space.

  • That Pink: For the true pink enthusiasts, That Pink is a celebration of all things vibrant and warm. This bright and lively hue will infuse any room with a joyful ambiance. Pair it with Love Note for delightful accents that perfectly harmonize within the same color family.

  • Love Note: Prepare to be enchanted by Love Note - our most vibrant shade reminiscent of a vivid Post-It note. This neon pink is a classic dream-house accessory color that exudes energy and playfulness.

  • Malibu: Transport yourself to the iconic beaches of Malibu with this classic "Barbie pink". Let the carefree essence of the West Coast radiate throughout your space, infusing it with a touch of timeless charm.

  • Flamingo Fantasy: Indulge in the warm and inviting allure of Flamingo Fantasy. This orangy-pink shade is reminiscent of everyone's favorite exotic bird and is an absolute must-have for any pink color palette.

  • Follow Your Dreams: Embrace the enchanting beauty of Follow Your Dreams - a captivating lilac shade that perfectly complements the bolder pinks in the collection. Let it inspire you to create a space that is uniquely yours.

  • Ken: A true classic, Ken has been a bestseller since 2019. This vibrant blue'y pink boasts unparalleled pigmentation, making it the top choice for house and furniture painting alongside Love Note and That Pink.


Dive into the world of California Dreaming and unleash your creativity with these captivating Barbiecore-inspired paint shades. Each color in this collection is carefully crafted to bring the spirit of a dream house into your own living space. Let your imagination run wild as you transform your surroundings into a colorful paradise filled with joy, warmth, and all the wonders of Barbiecore!


You will recieve all 6 shades in our glossy magic paint finish in 60ml minature jars. The Magic Paint finish is a ‘ready to paint’ formula that can be used on almost any surface, both interior and exterior, without the need for primers. From metals to wood, MDF, tiles, UPVC, radiators, plastics, leather and clothing.


The more neon shades like Love Note and Ken may require additional coats due to the high quantity of pigment OR you can paint your item white first to ensure the neon pops with full coverage after 2 coats. 


Please get in touch with our customer service team if you have any questions. We are happy to assist. 

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