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Like you are THAT GIRL honey this shade is THAT PINK! The ultimate pink shade that oozes confidence, vibrancy and brings joy to any space. Whether it is a feature wall, ceiling, customised furniture pieces or the whole room (recommended obvs!) That Pink is sure to make a statement!


Unleash your inner doll and embrace the boldness of an extremely vibrant, pink paint that pays homage to the captivating Barbiecore trend. This electrifying shade of pink is designed to make a statement and bring a sense of fun, playfulness, and unapologetic glamour to your space. 


Step into a world of vibrant imagination with our extremely vibrant hue- That Pink. This color bursts with energy and excitement, instantly transforming any room into a lively and eye-catching haven. It embodies the essence of Barbie's iconic style, infusing your space with a touch of nostalgia and a daring sense of adventure.


Our extremely vibrant pink paint commands attention and radiates confidence. Its neon-like intensity electrifies your walls, creating an atmosphere that embraces uniqueness and celebrates individuality. This color is an invitation to be bold, to express yourself unabashedly, and to create a space that reflects your vibrant personality.


Imagine walking into a room bathed in the radiant glow of this fabulous pink hue. The walls come alive, exuding an infectious energy that ignites the imagination. It's a color that doesn't shy away from making a statement, demanding attention with its luminosity and capturing the essence of the Barbiecore aesthetic.


Pair this extremely vibrant pink paint with contrasting colors to create a captivating visual interplay. Think bold blacks, sparkling metallics, or playful pastels to enhance the vibrancy and create a strikingly balanced palette. Allow your creativity to run wild and experiment with different textures and patterns to amplify the Barbiecore theme.


This paint is not for the faint of heart; it's for those who dare to dream, embrace their inner confidence, and revel in the joy of self-expression. Let your space become a manifestation of your vibrant spirit, where every corner radiates with the infectious energy of That Pink.


Whether you're transforming a bedroom, a statement wall, or an entire room, our extremely vibrant pink paint adds a touch of excitement and a burst of color that embodies the spirit of the Barbiecore trend. Embrace the audacity, embrace the playfulness, and create a space that is a celebration of your unique style and unabashed love for all things vibrant and bold.


We used this colour for the walls and ceilings in our "Barbiecore" room at our HQ. 


The Pink House Paints range is THE most pigmented house and furniture paint available on the market. The full collection is water-based and vegan, making our paints not only environmentally friendly with a super quick drying time, but also practically odourless.  It's perfect for all

activities; whether you want to turn your whole abode into a perfectly pink palace like we did, throw a Barbie-pink-themed arts & crafts party or update some of your home accessories with a pink hue.


All paint colours are available in the Magic Paint or Luxury Emulsion formula, in a variety of finishes including matt, satin and gloss. The Magic Paint finish is a ‘ready to paint’ formula that can be used on almost any surface, both interior and exterior, without the need for primers. From metals to wood, MDF, tiles, UPVC, radiators, plastics, leather and clothing.


The creamy Luxury Emulsion finish is best suited for use on canvas, paper, interior walls and ceilings as wellas arts and crafts projects that generally require matte acrylic paints.


This shade will vary, like all paint, depending on surface areas covered, lighting and other colours present in the room.

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