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This very vibrant shade of pink is inspired by the beautiful sunsets that glow around the globe. Pink Sunset lends itself well to accent areas or as a modern alternative to a white ceiling would really give your chosen room a vibrant warm sundown glow. 


Pink Sunset pink paint is like a brushstroke of nature's most captivating hues. It embodies the radiant colours that grace the sky during the magical moments of sunset.


Imagine a paint color that transports you to a mesmorising land, where the sky is ablaze with the warmest shades of pink. . Pink Sunset paint  infuses your space with a sense excitment and vibracy.  It adds a touch of energy and life.


Whether used as an accent color or to cover an entire room, Pink Sunset pink paint envelops your space in an inviting embrace. Let Pink Sunset pink paint bring the beauty of nature's twilight hours into your home. Immerse yourself in magic of a pink-tinged sunset, and watch as your space is transformed. 


The Pink House Paints range is THE most pigmented house and furniture paint available on the market. The full collection is water-based and vegan, making our paints not only environmentally friendly with a super quick drying time, but also practically odourless.  


All paint colours are available in the Magic Paint or Luxury Emulsion formula, in a variety of finishes including matt, satin and gloss. The Magic Paint finish is a ‘ready to paint’ formula that can be used on almost any surface, both interior and exterior, without the need for primers. From metals to wood, MDF, tiles, UPVC, radiators, plastics, leather and clothing.


The creamy Luxury Emulsion finish is best suited for use on canvas, paper, interior walls and ceilings as wellas arts and crafts projects that generally require matte acrylic paints.


This shade will vary, like all paint, depending on surface areas covered, lighting and other colours present in the room.

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