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Champagne Truffle pink paint is a sophisticated and luxurious hue that draws inspiration from the rich and decadent qualities of a champagne truffle—a delectable confection known for its indulgent taste and elegant presentation. It captures the essence of luxury, warmth, and indulgence. 


It embodies a sense of opulence and refinement. It is a warm and creamy shade of pink with subtle hints of greige, reminiscent of the velvety smoothness and delicate color of a champagne truffle. The color exudes an air of sophistication and adds a touch of indulgence to any space.


Imagine a pink hue that is luscious, inviting, and envelops a room with a cozy elegance. Champagne Truffle pink paint creates a warm and comforting atmosphere, evoking a sense of luxury and relaxation. It is a color that exudes both warmth and subtlety, making it versatile for a variety of design styles.


Champagne Truffle pink paint adds depth and richness to a space without being overly bold or overpowering. It works beautifully as a primary color or as an accent, offering a touch of glamour and sophistication. Whether used in living areas, bedrooms, or dining spaces, Champagne Truffle Pink paint elevates the ambiance and creates a refined and inviting environment.


It captures the essence of luxury and indulgence, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a touch of opulence and refinement in their interior design.


The Pink House Paints range is THE most pigmented house and furniture paint available on the market. The full collection is water-based and vegan, making our paints not only environmentally friendly with a super quick drying time, but also practically odourless. 


All paint colours are available in the Magic Paint or Luxury Emulsion formula, in a variety of finishes including matt, satin and gloss. The Magic Paint finish is a ‘ready to paint’ formula that can be used on almost any surface, both interior and exterior, without the need for primers. From metals to wood, MDF, tiles, UPVC, radiators, plastics, leather and clothing.


The creamy Luxury Emulsion finish is best suited for use on canvas, paper, interior walls and ceilings as wellas arts and crafts projects that generally require matte acrylic paints.


This shade will vary, like all paint, depending on surface areas covered, lighting and other colours present in the room.



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