Paint Box

Here is the chance to experiment with all of our paints currently available in our Dreamhouse Collection. You will receive every colour in our innovative 'Magic Paint' formula which can be used on practically any surface. Colours included are Jayne, Ken, Antique Gold, Silver Spoon, Rose Gold, Panther & White Stiletto.  You will also receive our luxury emulsion colours Jayne, Ken, Powder Room, Champagne Truffle, & Sweetheart for use on interior walls & ceilings or you can use them as art paints in their pure form or watered down. All 12 paints will come in 60ml jars in this pearlescent keepsake box. 


All of our products are all water-based which makes them not only environmentally friendly with a super quick drying time, but they are also practically odourless (in fact, they smell good!) and easy to clean-up brushes and off of surfaces. 


Our unique 'Magic Paint' formula can be used on almost any surface both interior & exterior without the need for primers including but not limited to metals, wood, MDF, tiles. UPVC, radiators, plastics, leather, clothing, and more! It can also be used either in its pure form or watered down to your desired texture for use on walls, ceilings & masonry. 


Available for a limited time only. 

Shippig: £7.50 to UK and £25 to US

Paint Box